Crossing Paths with Creative Creatures, Part One: Deanna Meyer

There are few mysteries, just little worlds you may enter into and stay for as long as you’d like.   Deanna Meyer


I met Deanna Meyer online a few days ago in one of those peculiar serendipitous convolutions proving once and for all that the internet is so much more than Likes and Tweets and Spam and Trolls and What I had for Breakfast Today.

When our conversation began it had almost nothing to do with what I was to discover about Deanna, but one thing led to another and soon I was visiting her website, The Motherload.  From the moment I entered I knew I was in the Land of Enchantment.


Deanna Meyer is an artist who finds her joy in illustrations.  She runs Verso Graphics Illustration Studio (art for the young and young at heart) and is an author and children’s book illustrator who sees as her mentors  artist/illustrators like Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), Garth Williams (Charlotte’s Web), and E.H Shepard (Winnie the Pooh), with heavy influences from the heavyweights like Alphonse Mucha and Arthur Rackham.

She is a wife and a mom who for the past 10 years has struggled with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis.  It came on her, uninvited and without her permission, when she was just 21 years old and about to graduate from Art School in Lancaster, PA, ready and eager to take on the world.  (She writes about it here.)

deannameyerwhatistocomeofdreams2Did she let it get her down?  Maybe for a little while, but then she’s an artist and artists do what artists do–they create art.  Throughout unsuccessful treatment trials and fear of the unknown, she kept going, honing her artistic skills, getting married, having a baby. . .as if life would only be as normal as she herself could make it.

And it worked.  She devised her own holistic treatment and now she concentrates on her family and her art, relegating MS to little more than an inconvenience–an irritating blip.

So here I want to concentrate on her art, too.  This is Deanna’s wedding invitation.  I’ve seen a lot of wedding invitations but I’ve never seen one quite as beautiful as this:



When Deanna’s picture book Buffalo on the Ridge was published in 2010, she made appearances in libraries, bookstores and museums, and was interviewed for TV and radio.


You can see and hear her here.

She and her family also have a shop called “Grease and Grace” on Etsy, where you can find some of Deanna’s products.  It’s here.

Deanna says of her journey so far, “Well, it seems as though it can be quite easy to lose one’s focus and ambition. Life and its complications can lead you astray. It is important to try to keep your spark of interest in your heart no matter how small it gets. A flame can always be rekindled and you never know how big it may become.”

Right on, Deanna.  You go, girl!

(NOTE:  I’m always looking on the web for portals into Lands of Enchantment.  Every now and then I find one, and I’ll be sharing them here.  If you know of any you want to share, please let me know.  We love that sort of stuff!)



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