Celebration and Awareness on Valentine’s Day

I hadn’t planned to use this blog as a platform for my political views but on this day I’ll make an exception.  I woke up to a Valentine kiss from my husband–this same man I’ve known for over 58 years and have been married to for almost 57.  Yesterday he jumped the gun and brought me a dozen roses and some chocolates.  It’s a rare thing for him, this schmaltzy gift-giving, and I was happily surprised, but I’ve known for all our years together that love was in the air.  We’ve had our angry moments for sure–who hasn’t?–but in our 58 years together I’ve never once been afraid that he would hurt me.

Many women aren’t that lucky and I’m fully conscious of that, too.  On my other blog, Ramona’s Voices, I’ve written often about women’s issues, and I’ll go on writing about them over there, but I’m here today because for women all over the world today is not just Valentine’s Day, it’s VDAY, the day when we’re hoping we can get One Billion Rising to build a coalition to end, once and for all, the ongoing, commonplace violence toward women and girls.


I wrote about it over there (and even changed my entire blog to pink!)  and now I’m sharing this here because I can.  It’s just one more venue to spread the message.  Let’s make today a day like no other, where this message–no more rape and abuse of women and girls–spreads like wildfire across this planet.  Click on the link or on the picture above  and get involved.  Use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network; spread it on your own blog or in comments.  Let the world know you care.  Together we can make this a day that makes a difference.

And don’t forget to dance.  (You’ll know what I mean when you check out the links.)

Because, contrary to what certain men of the world has tried to foist on us, womanhood should be a joy and not a burden.

Thank you.


About constantcommoner

Ramona Grigg. Freelancer, blogger, essayist, photographer, dreamer. Island dweller. Yooper.
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