I’m a Finalist! Facebook Says So!

So I opened my Facebook page last night and I was scrolling through it when I saw something from the Robert Benchley Society about their Annual Humor Contest.  They’ve selected the 2013 finalists.  How nice.  I’ve always loved Robert Benchley.  I have a book of his essays around here somewhere, along with a book of quotes from the Algonquin Round Table.  They crack me up!  But I used to see Benchley in movie shorts at the Saturday matinees and–this is no exaggeration–I would laugh until I cried.  Dave Barry likes him, too, and never lets us forget it.  That Dave Barry is one funny guy and if he owes it all to Robert Benchley, it’s okay by me.

Robert Benchley

Wait!  And hold the phone!  Didn’t I enter that contest back in August?  I think I did.  I remember now–I had to pay $13 out of my PayPal account in order to submit my 500-word entry.  Thirteen dollars seemed an odd dollar amount but then I’m remembering now that the whole contest seemed odd.  Odd enough that even Robert Benchley would have wanted to enter it.

The rules went like this:

Entries must be:

  1. Original;

  2. Benchleyesque (in the sense of reflecting the Benchley style and humor);

  3. Not more than 500 words in length (times height times width);

  4. In the English language, such as it is these days;

  5. Accompanied by the $13 entry fee.

I knew I could follow them!  I knew I could!  And I did!

And, according to last night’s Facebook, I’m now a finalist!  One of ten! And if I win first place I’m going to Boston!  And if I don’t, I won’t!   (Look here.  Does this look official to you?)  (Oh, and I’m done with the exclamations.  Promise.  But maybe not the parens.)

Now, I don’t think I’m jumping the gun here, bragging about being a finalist even before I receive an official announcement, because if it’s on Facebook it has to be true, right?

But stay tuned, all lebenty-six of you who follow me here.  The Grand Prize winner will be announced on October 31 and if it’s me I’ll be back here telling you all about it.  And if it isn’t, we’ll just forget the whole thing.   Okay?


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