Robert Benchley Would Not Be Amused

Back in August of this year, I entered the Robert Benchley Humor Writing contest and then I promptly forgot about it.  (Because I never win anything, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.)  So I happened to be wandering around Facebook on or around October 10 and found out that I was among the top 10 finalists!  WooHoo!  (And I mean that sincerely.)

Since nobody from the Robert Benchley Society let me know, I admit I was a little wary about it.  So I wrote a blog post about it, but again I forgot about it.  The winners were supposed to be announced on October 31st–Halloween–and that was a long way off.

Then along about October 26 I happened to see something on another Facebook page.  Whose page it was, I don’t remember, but someone there was congratulating the four Robert Benchley Humor Writing Contest winners and the name “Ramona” was among them.  I assumed that was me, since I was the only Ramona among the top 10 finalists, so I went to the Benchley Society page and sure enough–I wasn’t the winner but I was among the top four.  (Which gave me an edge over the next six who weren’t in the top four, but since I barely squeaked in at the top, I’ll just leave it at that.)

I’m thinking I’m one of the winners, since my name is clearly there, but what the heck?  What if I had never gone there on my own?  Would I ever have known?  Because, so far nobody has told me a thing.

As I remember the rules, the top winner (not me) will get an all-expenses-paid trip to the Benchley Society Annual Awards dinner in Boston on November 22, but if the other three runners-up want to attend and accept our awards (a nice rolled-up certificate ready for framing, I’m guessing), that’s perfectly fine, but we’ll have to pay our own expenses. So I won’t be going, of course, but I would like to know if they know that I know.

I know you can’t help me with this, but I was going to post a piece on our autumn colors this year and WordPress wouldn’t load my pictures.  So, since this was on my mind, and since I was already pissed about those pictures, I thought I would complain about my win, instead.

Tomorrow I’ll post my winning entry.  I’ll bet you can hardly wait.


(Blog post #5 in the NaBloPoMo Challenge)


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3 Responses to Robert Benchley Would Not Be Amused

  1. Nedra Dinger says:

    For sure, you do not need to be amused. Why did they not notify you. That would have been a nice thing to do. I am not amused either.


  2. It’s a mystery. Can’t find an email address there, either, or I would write and ask if they’ve lost my addy. LOL


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