Seeing a Frozen McRib is not Like Seeing Your Grandma Naked

A while back a McDonald’s employee, feeling frisky or maybe just bored, took a picture of a box of frozen McRibs and posted it to the internet.  The internet apparently went nuts.  They were shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED.  The Huffington Post went ballistic over it, heading their article,  “Frozen McRib Photo Will Make You Question Everything In Life”. 

And in case you didn’t get the message, the sub-head under it read:  You may not want to see this photo of a frozen McRib.  (I’ll give them credit.  Not a single exclamation (!!!) throughout the piece.)

But if that wasn’t warning enough, one more attempt:  This is not for the faint of heart.  So, people, hide your eyes because here it comes:


McRib frozenI had to wonder if those folks at HuffPo weren’t working for McDonald’s themselves, believing that old hype that any publicity is good publicity.  Because, as you can see, there is nothing shocking about the picture of the frozen McRibs.  They looked like what I picture a flash-frozen McRib might look like.

Have you ever seen one or smelled one or eaten one?  There is nothing real about them.  The little raised bumpies made to look something like an actual rib bone have the same taste and consistency as the surrounding ground up “meat”.  They’re slathered in some sort of barbecue sauce, but outside of that there is nothing–not a single thing–that would remind anyone of a slab of barbecued ribs.

There are many things that make me question everything in life, but the sight of a naked, frozen McRib isn’t one of them.  Does a piece of raw, frozen chicken look like a piece of sizzling fried chicken?  Uh uh.  Is it shocking that it doesn’t?  Does it make you question anything, let alone everything?

If you click on to the video in the link above you’ll hear the most remarkable explanation about why this particular story appeared on Huffington Post Online.  This from Caroline Fairchild, HuffPo’s Associate Business Editor:

“This makes you question, like, what is it?  Is this food?  This is food that people consume? We were just shocked at how this looked, you know, in frozen form.  You can’t believe that McDonald’s could take that frozen package, morph it into something that, you know, millions of people eat every day.  I think that, people know that McDonald’s freezes their food but seeing that shocking of a visual just jarred a lot of people, just judging from the reaction we got from the piece.”

Oh, my.  Caroline.  I understand about deadlines, honey. I know what it is to run up against the clock realizing I’ve got nothing.  I’ve been known to grab anything, too, but I think you’ve got me beat with this one.  I mean, how shocking, how jarring could a picture of a flash-frozen McRib be?  They’re ugly on the bun, too, in case you haven’t noticed.McRibI’m on a deadline, myself, having rashly promised to write a blog post a day for a month.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about this whole McRib shocker right now.

But I’m done now.  I’ve fulfilled my obligation.  Thanks for the material, HuffPo.  Not the greatest, but anything will do in a pinch.


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2 Responses to Seeing a Frozen McRib is not Like Seeing Your Grandma Naked

  1. Benmo says:

    I can’t believe people still eat those things. There’s lots of real food in the world from which to choose!


    • I took a bite of one once, just to see if it tasted better than it looked. It didn’t. It’s a crazy concept to start with–ground meat pressed to barely resemble ribs. And every year people wait for the McRib season. No accounting for taste.


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