How Daily Blogging Changed My Blog

Thirty days ago I took up the BlogHer challenge to write a blog post a day for a month.  Today marks the last of it.  As much as I’ve relished the challenge, sometimes even looking forward to it, I’ve also been waiting for this day to come. I’ve rarely ever published on either of my blogs on consecutive days.  It just isn’t in me to come up with something new to write every 24 hours.

I admit, too, that after this I probably won’t write every day.  I know I won’t. But I will write more often, and about things that aren’t necessarily earth-shaking.  Much of what I wrote this past month are the kinds of every day, non-essential things I wrote about years ago when I was writing weekly columns for a series of suburban newspapers.  But that was weekly, not daily.  Huge difference.

Along the way, I thought I had outgrown the need to write in first person about just things, but this month changed that.  I’ll try hard to keep from writing just to be writing, but when something interesting strikes me, I won’t hold back, as I once might have, simply because I’m afraid nobody else will be interested.  It’s my job to keep them interested.

I rather surprised myself when I realized I even wanted to take on the NaBloPoMo challenge.  I did it for two reasons:  I wanted to see if I really could produce anything of value by writing every day (Note: some of it was okay, some of it wasn’t) but mainly I wanted to see if writing more often would draw traffic to my lonely little blog, Constant Commoner.  And it did.  I’ve had more visitors this past month than I’ve had throughout its entire life.

The challenge is called NaBloPoMo, short for National Blog Posting Month, and it looks like BlogHer has been doing this for a while now.  The first I really knew of it was in late October, when another blogger mentioned it.

I knew about blogHer and had gone there a few times before, but with this challenge each of our posts had to be listed on their page the day it was published.  So since I was there anyway, I tended to wander around.

There is some amazing writing going on on those pages!

I’ve been so immersed in my political blog, online since January, 2009, I had forgotten how refreshing it is to read someone’s well-written personal page.  At BlogHer I found everything from food and decorating to wacky methods for raising kids to raunchy humor and wrenching personal stories.  But what struck me most was how relaxed everyone seemed.  It’s like being among a group of friends in someone’s living room, where conversations are going on in every corner.


We’re writers there and even when we seem to be just talking, it’s never just off the top of our heads.  We challenged each other and it was all good.  So even after this month is over, I’ll take up that challenge and try to keep my pieces sharp, to the point, and interesting.  And if I fail, it’ll be okay.  I wrote a piece during the challenge about the downside of perfectionism and whenever I’m flagellating myself over a mediocre attempt that somehow managed to get out there in public, I’ll try to remember to go back there and read what I wrote.


Now that the challenge is over, I’ll work at challenging myself.  I’ll write what I want to write when I want to write it.

And it’ll be fun.

Or else.


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Ramona Grigg. Freelancer, blogger, essayist, photographer, dreamer. Island dweller. Yooper.
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10 Responses to How Daily Blogging Changed My Blog

  1. Di says:

    i have you in my blog reader now, so i won’t lose touch once this challenge is over. i still haven’t posted today’s post … been waiting for the ‘mood’ all day. 5.39pm here in Belgium. A few hours to go 🙂 Meanwhile, congratulations on completing the challenge.


    • Thank you, Di, and congratulations to you, too. (I just know you’re going to make it!) I would love to follow you,too, but I don’t see a button for a link. Can you send it along? Thanks.


      • Di says:

        Hmm, I use a blog reader thingy and just add the url of any blog I want to follow. The button for the RSS feed has never worked well for me. It’s possible I don’t have one? And yes, I did it. That final post … then found an interesting documentary and had to blog that today 🙂 I can see this everyday thing might continue.


        • Do you blog anywhere besides on BlogHer? I wasn’t able to find your blog but I did find some of your posts on BlogHer. I’m so new to BlogHer I don’t quite get it yet. But I did start a blog page there and I’ve crossposted some of my pieces there, too. it’s a nice feature but once NaBloPoMo is over I wonder it it will get any traffic at all. I’ll keep crossposting for a while to see what happens.


          • Di says:

            I blog here: 🙂 I had to smile, I blogged yesterday. Maybe a habit has been established now … although I’m out all of today, so we’ll see.


            • Honestly, Di, I am such a dunce! I already have your blog on my blogroll! Sorry about that.

              So I wrote a post last night about Downton Abbey and I thought I would let it mellow overnight and then tweak it this AM and publish it. Well, it’s gone. I don’t know what happened to it but it’s not in my drafts. It’s not anywhere. I’m crushed.

              I HATE computers!


  2. Lisa Stevens says:

    I think I am going to try to conquer the challenge in December. Not sure if I can make it but I am going to try. I am a bit hesitant to post day to day thoughts but this challenge will force me to do so. I am new again to blogging – started and stopped in 2008, it just wasn’t the right time for me then,
    I appreciate reading about your journey with the challenge – it is motivating to me to attack it.


    • Good for you, Lisa. I’m not even going to attempt December. It’s a crazy month for us, and not just because of Christmas. We pack up and close up and head down south like all the other snowbirds from up here. I’ll be posting more often but I know I can’t do it every day. I also have a second blog I need to keep up, so those two are challenges enough.

      I subscribed to your blog just now and I’m looking forward to your posts. Good luck!


  3. Thanks to finding you on the Blogher list of daily entries, I will be reading your blog regularly. I also intend to read your political blog, which should appeal to me as am to the left of liberal myself.


    • Well, thank you, Tangly! I always hold back from promoting my political blog, knowing not everyone is going to agree with me or even want to read that stuff. It’s hugely important to me, but I recognize that it isn’t to everybody who comes to these pages.

      I’ll be adding your lovely gardening journal to my Constant Commoner blogroll. Very nice!


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