Remember When I Told You WordPress Hates Me? They Must Have Heard Me. . .

Last night I was watching a program about the past seasons and the new season of Downton Abbey.  I was into it for about a half hour when I started a blog post about my very favorite series.  I wrote around 600 words, talking about everything from Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess to my inability to get too excited about Mary and Matthew.

I said my favorite character, after Violet and Cora, is Anna.  She is luminous and, even in the background, she stands out.

I wrote much more and it I may say so, it was probably brilliant.  (Oh, it wasn’t.  But it was mine, all mine.)  I know I saved it before I shut my laptop down–and even if I didn’t, it’s supposed to auto-save.  But when I went to look it over and publish it this morning it was gone.  I mean GONE.

It wasn’t in drafts.  It wasn’t in the trash.  It was nowhere.  So I went looking for some advice and found that this is pretty common in WordPress.  Some techies thought there might be a way to find it again, but whatever it was they suggested I do, I knew it wasn’t in me to do it.  I just didn’t get it. They said it may not work, anyway, so I just let it go.  But it’s been bothering me all day.

downton abbey cast

This is the photo I used. it’s all I have left.

Is there another way to make sure this doesn’t happen again?  Should I be writing my posts offline and then pasting them here?  It seems so much easier to just write them here, where all of the tools reside, but from now on I hope I can remember to keep a copy offline before I push any buttons or shut down.

Let me just say that this has never happened to my Blogger blog.  Never.  Ever.  Blogger likes me and lets me know.  WordPress hates me.  I don’t know what to do about that, either, but I’m going to watch my Ps and Qs around here from now on.

Thanks for listening.  And if you know where it is, there’s no reward but you’ll have my eternal gratitude.


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4 Responses to Remember When I Told You WordPress Hates Me? They Must Have Heard Me. . .

  1. Oh dear, and here I was wishing that the Blogger folks were on WordPress because it is so much easier for me to comment on WordPress blogs.

    That happened to Mr. Tootlepedal once, an entire post lost.


    • I had constant problems with comments at Blogger before I added Disqus to my blog. People were always telling me they couldn’t comment. I don’t know what the problem is over there, but I still like working with it far better than I do with WP. This just seems unnecessarily complicated. But everyone tells me it’s the best so I must be missing something that everyone else is seeing.

      The main reason I started this blog at WP is because I had heard stories about entire websites disappearing or being shut down at Blogger. I’ve only had good experiences, so I can’t complain. But most of my political posts are cross-posted on other blogs, so I always have a back-up.

      I hope.


  2. Lisa Stevens says:

    I always write on my desktop (Word) then copy to WP – not for any other reason than I am familiar with Word and do all my writing there. I have never lost a post but have only been on WP for about 2 months.


    • Lisa, I’ve tried using Word to write my posts but what I like about creating them on both WP and Blogger is that at any time during the writing I can Review it and see what it will look like after it’s published. I see all kinds of clunkers that way. Sometimes, if I think of it, when I’m finished with my post I’ll copy it and paste it into a Word page. I don’t always remember to do that, but I think this will be the thing that will get me to do it religiously from now on!


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