On the Solstice a New Beginning. Or, Is Winter Over Yet?

If you’ve missed me at all, just know that I’ve been traveling from the northwoods to the city, in which I wasted three days in the midst of snowstorms, either holed up or otherwise engaged in the avoidance of black ice and whatever the hell else Mother Nature thought she might throw at us.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOur journey ended each day not in the charming inn and pub of yesteryear but at the decidedly lackluster faux inns of today called “motels”.  Cheap motels.  Because we weren’t counting on the additional two nights on the road and because in the dead of winter any old motel with heat and lights and a working TV with cable is good enough.

Every day was going to be a blog day but things happened, you know?  I just couldn’t get into it when it seemed that every day, once dawn broke, I might be fighting for my very life.

We’re here at our destination now, but I was counting on those extra days to finish my Christmas shopping in the big city, so I am so behind on everything I’m not getting much of anything done.

Tonight is the Family Christmas Party Night, but the party is going on without us right now, right this minute, some 40 miles away.  There is an ice storm threatening and we travelers are weary enough of ice and snow.  And afraid, too.  After lo, these many years we know who wins when we mess with Mother Nature.

So here I am, bitching a little but also taking these quiet moments to accept that if I want to keep my blogger status I really must blog.  And I will.  I will blog about blogging.  Because blogging is what I do.  When I’m not doing something else.  Which makes me a part-time blogger, a dilettante, a dabbler.

I took the NaBloPoMo challenge in November, where I actually blogged every day for a month.  It was tough but I liked it.  I promised to keep up the good work–not every day, of course, but more often than I had been doing.  It turns out I lied.  Both to you and to myself.  My challenge ended three weeks ago and I’ve only blogged here twice since then.  (I’ve kept up my other blog, which should mean something but apparently doesn’t over here in WP-land, where my ratings are so dismal I expect to be pink-slipped any day now.)

But today marks the Winter Solstice and it’s the day of new beginnings.  The shortest day of the year, which doesn’t seem like much of a beginning to me, but there are celebrations going on all over the place, including at Stonehenge, so who am I to knock such an important occasion?stonehenge solsticeAll I know is if daylight tomorrow is even a nanosecond longer, I’ll be celebrating.    If the sun rises even a mili-inch higher in the sky, I’ll be happy.  If it means we’re moving toward the end of winter, nothing could thrill me more.  It’s been winter for a solid month where I’ve been.

But on this day of days I finished this blog post.  On the same day I began it.  So who says The Blog is Dead?  (This guy, that’s who.  And just when I was really getting going.)


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