One Cataract Gone, One More To Go

October 8 — My cataract surgery went well yesterday.  So well I feel silly having worried and sweated and stewed about it–which I did, big time.  Something about knowing my eye was going to be sliced and then blasted with a laser while I was AWAKE.  I thought it was pretty crazy that anyone wouldn’t be sweating over it.

They kept telling me they would be giving me large doses of “don’t give a shit” meds in my IV, but I was convinced that I would, indeed, give shits up the kazoo.  It turns out I survived.  And I’m even looking forward to having the same thing done to eye #2.

The lasered eye is still a little blurry but the colors at first were amazing.  The sky was iridescent blue.  The grass was bilious green.  I couldn’t stop looking at my tangerine.   I wonder if this is why children find everything so wondrous?  When we lose the ability to see colors as they really are, do we lose the ability to appreciate them? I don’t know, but I love how everything looks, now that the haze is lifting from my left eye.

The staff at the ophthalmology clinic told me that the older cataracts get, the more discolored they become.  Everything I was seeing was as if I was seeing it though a nicotine film.  Whites, as seen through my left eye, are dazzling today.    My pupil is still dilated so I will need sunglasses when I go out.

10/9 — So now it’s two days after my surgery and things are still a little blurry but much better.  I saw the doctor yesterday and he said everything was coming along normally.  The fuzzies, the floaters, the rainbow ring around lights.  All normal.

But nobody told us about the eye drop regimen.  It’s crazy!  Three days before the surgery it’s two different drops five minutes apart three times a day.  After the surgery it’s three different drops five minutes apart three times a day.  This goes on for a full month.

But it gets better.  The surgery on my right eye will be on October 28, which means we’ll be putting drops in both eyes in an overlap for several days, and then it’ll be another month of drops for just the right eye. And since my hubs has taken on the job of chief eye drop dropper, it’s his burden to bear as well as mine.  Ha!

The drops are steroids and antibiotics and something else for my own safety, so I shouldn’t complain.  And, as everyone has reported, the colors are so much brighter.  And true.  But it’s not brain surgery and nearly everyone of a certain age either already has done it, or will be, so reporting on it in a blog is pretty lame.

But they sliced into my eye and busted up the cataract with a blast of a laser and rolled up the new lens and stuck it in there and it magically unrolled and settled into place.  And don’t forget that amazing iridescent blue.  And those whites.  They’re dazzling.

So toodle-oo and tweedledum.  I’m off to see what I can see.

Michael in the ferns



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4 Responses to One Cataract Gone, One More To Go

  1. Di says:

    You’re brilliant! I would have been the same as you on this one … the slicing and the blasting invites much thinking when one is a writerly type.


  2. trkingmomoe says:

    You sound like you are better. All surgery is scary.


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