How Danged Fools Celebrate April First

Well.  Where did the time go?  My last post here couldn’t possibly have been exactly three months ago!  I thought I said I was a blogger!

So what brings me here today?  I want pity.  Lots of it.  I fell down go boom yesterday and split both lips and BROKE MY NOSE!  I now have two black raccoon eyes and a bruise across just half of my top lip, looking for all the world like an absent-minded man who forgot to shave off the other half of his mustache.

You’ll be looking for pictures of my ridiculous face, I know, but that’s not going to happen.  This is NOT an April Fools joke.  You’ll just have to take my word for it. I have the x-rays to prove it, and when I get back up north, I’ll be taking them to some doctor who knows about these things. Since I fell flat as a pancake my nose didn’t bend, it smooshed, so it looks like it’ll heal on its own without having to be straightened.  I hope.  I’ve never broken my nose before but it sounds like straightening is optional.  It’s going to heal, no matter what I do.

We’re leaving So. Carolina in the morning, heading back to Michigan after a three-month sabbatical from the frozen North.  Which, come to think of it, is the exact amount of time since I’ve written here.  But, never mind. . .

When I get back to not feeling so sorry for myself, I’ll get back to writing stuff that somebody might want to read.  In the meantime,  some visuals:

How I’m feeling:

sad pickle

In a pickle and sad


What we’ll be leaving tomorrow:

sunrise balcony

Sunrise from our balcony


What’s happening in Michigan:

Michigan road in April

Michigan road in April


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Ramona Grigg. Freelancer, blogger, essayist, photographer, dreamer. Island dweller. Yooper.
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