Donald Trump Horrifies Me


I write a political blog called Ramona’s Voices, where I often feel the need to rage on about the insanity of a man like Donald Trump getting even this close to the presidency.  I’ve tried to keep my opinions corralled in the spaces where political opinion are accepted and even welcomed.

This is my personal space, and up to now I’ve kept politics out of it.  I can’t do it any more.  I’m taking this particular race personally, and it gnaws at me day and night. There is nothing even close to normal about it.

I deliberately haven’t asked my family or friends if they support Donald Trump because I’m so afraid some of them will say they do and our relationship will never be the same.  Yes, I feel that strongly about this candidate.  I’m a Democrat who has only voted Republican once or twice in my life, but because of Donald Trump I’m shocked at how  nostalgic I’m feeling about all of the Republicans before him. My consolation is that Donald Trump is not really a Republican.  He’s an opportunist who will be whatever he thinks people want him to be.

Suddenly he’s a Christian, even though everyone knows religion has never been a priority for him.  He pretends he’s a hater because he saw a niche and worked to fill it.  He’s an empty vessel, an opportunist, a vile human being who shows so little respect for this country he doesn’t even feel the need to study up for the job he’s applying for–incredibly, the highest job in the land.

He knows nothing about the constitution and doesn’t care. Rules are his to make and if you question him he’ll tell you that the polls show he’s right and we’re wrong.  He’s winning hearts and minds and since he sees the presidential campaign as nothing more than a popularity contest, he can do and say anything he wants and to hell with the rest of us.

I don’t just want him to lose, I want him to lose so badly nothing he ever says from now to eternity will ever be broadcast again.  But I know it won’t happen.  I won’t get my wish. And I’m terrified about what this says about our country and what we’ve become.

I have no solutions. I don’t understand what’s happening enough to have solutions.  We’re not a country that hates but that’s what it’s looking like.  We built our reputation if not on kindness, at least on tolerance.  We’ve learned something from our past transgressions. We are each different enough to understand the need to accept differences.  We’ve grown, or at least I thought we did.

Donald Trump is not representative of who we are.  He can’t be.  He won’t be.  We won’t let him be.

I wanted to keep this space a sanctuary against the insanity that is our world now, but the world seeps in wherever I am.  You’ll notice that I rarely write here anymore.  That’s because I can’t retreat to a sanctuary when there are such pressing needs in the real world.

As I said, I take this personally.  This presidential race is like no other.  It will be my obsession from now until November because I can’t sit back and let Donald Trump get away with this.  I don’t hide from it anywhere else, and I can’t hide from it here.  Reality strikes, even in sanctuaries.


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Ramona Grigg. Freelancer, blogger, essayist, photographer, dreamer. Island dweller. Yooper.
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2 Responses to Donald Trump Horrifies Me

  1. Beth says:

    You know I share your disgust and dismay. I find him abhorrent.

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