About Me

deer at sunset cover

“The essayist, unlike the novelist, the poet, and the playwright, must be content in his self-imposed role of second-class citizen.  A writer who has his sights trained on the Nobel Prize or other earthly triumphs had best write a novel, a poem, or a play, and leave the essayist to ramble about, content with living a free life and enjoying the satisfactions of a somewhat undisciplined existence.”     E.B White

Hello and Welcome!  My name is Ramona Grigg.  (You can call me Mona.)  I’m a writer and this is my blog.

I want you to feel at home, so pretend this is my living room.  Nothing fancy.  Mismatched furniture. Dust in the corners. Cobwebs on the ceiling. (You had to look, didn’t you? Ha!)  It’ll be like real life, where sometimes we’ll get together and we’ll laugh and other times we’ll talk about the things that interest us most (well, me most) and they won’t necessarily be funny but they’ll be interesting and maybe you’ll want to come back.

If you do, I’ll be here.  But I don’t want us to be strangers so here is a little about me:

I’m way older than you (chances are), I’m married, I have three “children” (in quotes because they’re all middle aged now), three grandchildren, and a bunch of nieces and nephews, all of whom are so dear I can’t help but love them.

I live on an island at the easternmost edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and I take thousands of pictures.  Let it be known that I’m a complete amateur and feel most comfortable when the setting is on “Auto”.  Still, I’ve taken some amazing pictures, no thanks to me.  But don’t worry–they’re not videos so I won’t be forcing you to sit in the dark watching home movies.  I’m not that kind of friend.


I took this. I know, right? And the one at the top of the page, too.

I’ve written feature pieces, magazine stories, columns, essays, and fiction, most of it years ago, before I moved to God’s Country and got that damned camera.  Now I write my blogs.  This blog, Constant Commoner, is, remember, like my living room.  But when I’m writing about writing or art , it’s also my salon.   Whatever.

My main writings are now over at Medium, where I maintain two spaces, one that’s just for me and the other where I’m the editor of a publication called Indelible Ink.

(This is who I am professionally.  Not that it matters here in my parlor, but there it is.)

Thanks for coming in. Don’t be a stranger now.

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