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Candy is Dandy and Desserts are Never Fattening on Holidays

As much as I dislike snow (except for that first snowfall, which is always magical and beautiful), as much as I griped endlessly over having to take three whole days to go 350 miles, as much as I felt put-upon … Continue reading

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The Only Turkey Here is the Recipe

A week or so before every holiday I start looking through newspapers and magazines for new recipes.  Sometimes I even find something I’m going to try some day, but I’ve noticed in the past few years that recipes are getting … Continue reading

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Pasties Yooper Style. With Pictures.

The pasty, that small meat and potato pie in a pastry crust, it turns out, is a Cornish thing.  All my growing up years, and even far beyond, I’ve been led to believe by my Finnish relatives that Pasties were … Continue reading

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