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An Album of Unlikely Beauty

I was sifting through my pictures yesterday, looking for specific photos for a project (always a daunting task, since I’m terrible at making folders and keeping track of the thousands of pics I keep online), when I realized how, in … Continue reading

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Writer Desperately Seeking Agent. Looking For Somebody Nice.

Okay, It’s come to this: I need help. I’m a writer. I’ve been a writer for most of my life. But if being a “writer” means you’re getting paid for your work, then I’m not that. Not any longer. There … Continue reading

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Earth Day: A Revisit

The earth is our only home.  We owe it to her–and to ourselves–to keep her healthy. At some point we have to heed the warnings. We’re at the stage now where the earth would be better off without us. Continue reading

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About Blogging: Turns Out It’s Personal

I’ve made all sorts of promises about what I want to do here, and haven’t kept a single one, so I’m making no promises about what’s going to happen here. I’m just going to blog as if this is a blog and I’m the blogger. We’ll see how it goes. Continue reading

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A case against using your Blog as a Journal

Note:  This piece is from my archives (January, 2013).  I’m putting it up again because I think it bears repeating.  See what you think. I love reading the diaries and journals of famous writers and artists. My interest in how … Continue reading

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On a Marriage 60 Years in the Making

On July 14, 1956, Ramona Gracia Caporossi, age 18, married Edward Jay Grigg, age 23, in a Lutheran church in Royal Oak, Michigan. The date was chosen, not because it was Bastille Day or because the date, 7/14/56, had a … Continue reading

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How Danged Fools Celebrate April First

Well.  Where did the time go?  My last post here couldn’t possibly have been exactly three months ago!  I thought I said I was a blogger! So what brings me here today?  I want pity.  Lots of it.  I fell … Continue reading

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