Deer Path Vintage on Etsy

cabin silhouette aqua closeup

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I’ve been a collector of antiques and vintage goods for most of my life.  My own home is almost totally furnished with family treasures or someone else’s castoffs.  Nothing fancy because those things would NOT be comfortable in my house (!) but everything I have I love dearly, bruises and scratches and all.

I live in what is essentially a cabin.  There is no room here for everything I love and/or lust after, so some of it goes up for sale on my favorite vintage and handmade marketplace–Etsy.   I’ve had my shop there for five years now and I love, love, love it there!  Please come and visit any time.  We love vintage and we love company!

I also have a Deer Path Vintage blog–again mostly neglected–but there is some fun stuff there–some of it even informative–so if you’re still with me, I invite you to meander over there, too.

Deer Path Vintage English Garden framed banner deep-2My Deer Path Vintage blog

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