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Daydreaming: Leave Science Out of It

I didn’t do well in school.  I always thought I was dumb–and it’s possible I really was–but after the teacher wrote on my third grade report card, “Ramona needs to work on her concentration.  She daydreams too much in class”,  … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo, the Post-Mid-Month Crash

Today is the 19th day of the month-long blogging dare the folks at the BlogHer website sent out to us unsuspecting bloggers.  They call it NaBloPoMo, an acronym so goofy a lot of us were drawn to it like flies … Continue reading

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Protecting Wolves by Throwing Them to the Wolves?

Yesterday I wrote about Opening Day for Michigan’s deer hunting season.  But yesterday was also opening day for a hunting season not seen in Michigan for almost 50 years.  Despite pushback from many different organizations, and petitions set up on … Continue reading

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Learning the Gettysburg Address – A Ken Burns Project

Filmmaker Ken Burns has embarked on a new venture–this one based solely on Abraham Lincoln’s magnificent speech at the consecration of the Civil War battlefield cemetery in Gettysburg, PA.  Lincoln’s address, on November 19, 1863, took just over two minutes … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo # 12. Follow the Link

Hi, all. My 12th entry in the NaBloPoMo challenge is over at my other blog, Ramona’s Voices. That’s because it’s political opinion and I usually try not to bring my office work into my parlor. If you’re taking this challenge … Continue reading

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Frog Stories: Tales of Pursuit, Hope and Suicide

My grandson, the famous frog hunter, came up to visit this summer.  It took an entire week and a half, most of it spent being dropped in and lifted out of buckets, before our neighborhood frogs finally got smart and … Continue reading

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We Bloggers are Such Odd Ducks

So today is the ninth day of my month-long blog writing challenge. I realized yesterday that I actually could use a blog post from my other blog, Ramona’s Voices, and didn’t have to write two posts in one day, so … Continue reading

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