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Dark Sky Magic

Aurora Borealis, the Milky Way, and my own North Star. The US at night — NASA I love this map of the lights from space, but I have to look really hard to make out the outline of my particular neighborhood. That’s because … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There Is A NaBloMoPo #8

Cheating here–sort of.  After I realized that I didn’t really need to write new posts from this particular blog for my NaBloMoPo challenge  if I’ve already written a post on my political blog, Ramona’s Voices, I breathed easier and relaxed. … Continue reading

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Where I Am and Why I’m Not Here

I started this blog as a sort of antidote to my political blog.  (Not for those who read my other blog and possibly need an antidote–no, no, not them!  They leave when they’re not happy; I don’t have that luxury.)  … Continue reading

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