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I Can Go Home Again. Right?

It’s April 17 and I’m stranded, stuck, marooned, and, for all intents, homeless. I’m not on the streets, nothing like that. I’m at my daughter’s house (a lovely place to be), but home is 350 miles away and I haven’t … Continue reading

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Places I’ll show you if You’ll Promise Not to Go There

I lived in the city for more years than I’ve lived anywhere else, but now I live in the country.  Some say I live in the wilderness but that’s an exaggeration.  I live in a place where few people live … Continue reading

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When all the barns Have finally gone

  For years now I’ve been watching the barns disappear. Red Barns faded to pink and then they weathered gray.    The side boards rotted and fell away.    Roof shingles blew off.  Moss carpeted what was left.     … Continue reading

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Protecting Wolves by Throwing Them to the Wolves?

Yesterday I wrote about Opening Day for Michigan’s deer hunting season.  But yesterday was also opening day for a hunting season not seen in Michigan for almost 50 years.  Despite pushback from many different organizations, and petitions set up on … Continue reading

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Pasties Yooper Style. With Pictures.

The pasty, that small meat and potato pie in a pastry crust, it turns out, is a Cornish thing.  All my growing up years, and even far beyond, I’ve been led to believe by my Finnish relatives that Pasties were … Continue reading

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The First Day of Summer. It’s all down hill from here. Let’s Celebrate

Where I live, at the 46th Parallel in Michigan, the sun rose this morning at 5:44.  It will set at 9:29 tonight.  We will have close to 16 hours of daylight today. It’s the Summer Solstice, the longest day of … Continue reading

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