Hi Everybody, I’m Trying Something New. Won’t you come along?

Moving to a new neighborhood. https://ramonagrigg.substack.com/

I’ve been away for a while so some of you may have forgotten all about me. So sad, my bad. I mean it! Some of you may just have happened upon this blog and wondered why it’s so quiet here. Well, here’s the thing. I’ve kind of moved to a new neighborhood.

It’s no secret that WordPress and I don’t get along well. It’s not them, it’s me. Other writers don’t seem to have the same problems–mainly trying to navigate their editing system–so I’ll take all the blame. I can’t say I’ve given up completely. I love my blog here! I love the name, Constant Commoner, and I love that I’ve been here for a while and people are still finding me.

But now I’ve found Substack, and I’m giving it a try. (To be fair, I haven’t quite figured out their system, either, but I’m getting there, thanks to a great support system where real people actually get back to me quickly and help out with seemingly happy hearts, even encouraging me to come back if I need more help! I mean!)

It’s a newsletter with a blog format, so readers will be getting new posts via email whenever they happen, but right now it’s all free. Many writers I admire are moving to Substack, preferring the simplicity of writing for a select audience rather than having to worry about SEOs (whatever they are) or fighting the crowds to try to get a foot in among millions of others.

I’m a writer, not a carnival barker, and trying to sell myself isn’t the way I want to spend my writing days. So here’s my pitch:

Come along with me. Let’s see what happens. If you like what you’ve seen here or at Ramona’s Voices or at Medium, I hope you’ll like what comes next. I’ll be sharing some of my writing from the archives, plus adding new pieces to the sections you might be most interested in. So far the sections are ‘Politics’, ‘Strictly Writing’, and ‘Life’.

And, of course, thanks so much for supporting me here. Constant Commoner won’t disappear; it’ll be on hiatus until I figure out where I’m supposed to be.

Click here to see what I’m doing over at Substack. No pressure but I would love to see you there!

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