Constant Commoner has Moved.

Hello, readers, thanks for visiting. In my last post I told you I was packing up and moving to Substack and beyond, but Constant Commoner would remain. Well, this version of Constant Commoner will be here, and all the posts will be archived, maybe forever, but my Substack newsletter is now called Constant Commoner, too.

It was formerly called ‘Ramona’s News From the Blogfront’ but it just didn’t fit and I needed something new. I thought and thought and thought about what I should call it and the list grew longer and longer. After I’d crossed off every poor candidate, the domain name I already owned hit me: Constant Commoner! Perfect!

But I’d already used it. Could I use it again? More pondering.

Well, why not? It’s not as if this blog is teeming with crowds of readers impatiently waiting for every new piece. It’s empty. Vacant. The truth, the painful truth is that nobody will even notice.

So I’ll be over there from now on. The truth is, WordPress made me do it. I just don’t get WordPress now and I don’t have the patience to fiddle with it, so I’m moving on. I hope you’ll join me there. I would love to have you visit, and if you like what I’m doing there, you can sign up to be added to my email list. But it’s not required, and the newsletter is free.


If you’re a writer I hope you’ll also visit my Substack sister site, Writer Everlasting. I’m building a community of writers looking for help and inspiration and the company of friends who get it. We’re going to talk. A lot. And I’m going to share what I’ve learned over a 40 year career.

So that’s where I’ll be. It’s a new neighborhood for me and I’m still moving in but the doors are open and the welcome mat is out. See you there!


About Ramona Grigg

Ramona Grigg. Freelancer, blogger, essayist, photographer, dreamer. Island dweller. Yooper.
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2 Responses to Constant Commoner has Moved.

  1. Mary M-S says:

    I try to read all your posts (!) and have followed you to your new site. Wanted to comment so you know you have readers, even if we don’t say much. I also share you UP love!


  2. Mona Grigg says:

    That’s so kind of you to let me know you’ve read this. It means a lot. And a special big thanks for following me to my new site. I hope you like it over there, too.
    UP love is true love!


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