Yes, Virginia, There Is A NaBloMoPo #8

Cheating here–sort of.  After I realized that I didn’t really need to write new posts from this particular blog for my NaBloMoPo challenge  if I’ve already written a post on my political blog, Ramona’s Voices, I breathed easier and relaxed.  So for my post today I used the one I wrote yesterday for RV.  Clever, huh?

Click here to find it.  (Warning:  Liberal opinion.  Enter only if you’re in the mood.)

Here.  I’ll add a nice picture so you’ll feel better about coming over here only to be redirected to some other place.

autumn at Munising FallsYou’re welcome.


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Ramona Grigg. Freelancer, blogger, essayist, photographer, dreamer. Island dweller. Yooper.
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